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CARTIF has participated in the two editions of the “Centr@tec” Training, Technology Transfer and Support to Business R & D + i Program, for SMEs in Castilla y León, which is carried out by the Institute of Business Competitiveness (ICE) in collaboration with the Technological Centres of Castilla y León that are part of the Network of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Castilla y León.

Centr@tec includes 5 thematic areas:


Area 1: Industry 4.0

Its objective is to incorporate SMEs into the digital transformation that is taking place in the global economy, supporting them in incorporating the 4.0 skills and technologies available in each sector.

Area 2: Incorporation of ICTs

Its objective is to promote the incorporation and generalization of the use of ICT Technologies by SMEs in the different areas of the company, with special attention to applications related to e-commerce and digital marketing.

Area 3: Innovation in Processes and Design of Products / Services

Its objective is to incorporate innovations in production processes and the design of products and services for SMEs, especially in rural areas, in order to improve their competitiveness and adaptation to new markets.

Area 4: R+D+i

Internationalization. Its objective is to increase the transfer of international technology and the participation in European R&D programs in the business sector.

Area 5: Support for Technology-Based Entrepreneurs

Its objective is to support the generation of new projects by studying their technical feasibility, studying the state of the art and defining the strategy for the protection and exploitation of the future results obtained.

The actions included in each section are:

Areas 1, 2 y 3

  • Diagnostics and implementation plans for innovations and new technologies. Consulting program for companies to incorporate improvements in their production processes and in the design of their products and services, including the adoption of ICT technologies and digital transformation.
  • Demonstration events of technologies and innovations. Exhibition of relevant technologies in each thematic area, including examples of adoption by leading companies in the target sector / sectors.
  • Training workshops on innovation and new technologies. Participatory environment for workers and managers of immersion companies on Industry 4.0 digital enablers and innovative solutions from fields related to new technologies.

Area 4

  • Preparation of profiles of international collaboration opportunities for dissemination through the EEN-Galactea Plus Network.
  • Participation of the Technology Centre in brokerage events of the EEN network abroad.
  • Materialization of technological and / or commercial collaboration agreements of entities in the region with international entities in the field of R + D + i.
  • Free technical assistance to companies in Castilla y León for the presentation of projects in international R&D programs.
  • European information days and international R&D Programs.
  • Thematic Forums. Space for the exchange of good business practices and new trends at the international level, to facilitate experiences and knowledge on new technologies and on matters of strategic interest to the economy of Castilla y León (Bioeconomy, Circular Economy, Territorial Development, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Blockchain, Innovative Entrepreneurship, etc.) to companies and regional economic and innovation agents.

Area 5

  • Free personalized assessments of the technical feasibility of the initial stages of the development of entrepreneurship projects.

In addition, Technological Breakfasts were held. Meetings to promote knowledge and relationships between companies installed in regional Technology Parks and invite other companies to these innovation spaces.

Lastly, Centr@tec2 had a Bank of Innovative Projects, an initiative for economic revitalization to carry out in rural areas and municipalities in decline or affected by depopulation problems.

Centr@tec1 Centr@tec2
Diagnostics and implementation plans of innovations and new technologies 37 26
Demonstrative events of technologies and innovations 21 7
Training workshops in innovation and new technologies 14 4
Preparation of profiles of international collaboration opportunities 18 7
Brokerages of EEN net 5
Materialization of international agreements for technological and / or commercial collaborations 2 4
Technical assistance for participation in international programs 23 14
European information days and international R&D programs 3 2
Thematic Forums International Forum By&ForCitizens
Technical feasibility diagnoses 5 5
Technological breakfasts 5 4
Bank of Innovative Projects 2 proyectos
Budget (generic and stays are not included …) 606.400 € 327.000 €
Execution period







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