Environmental evaluation


The great human impact on the environment, contributing to the effects of climate change, makes it necessary to assess all the environmental aspects and implications that surround any business activity.
In this context, eco-innovation is a useful instrument for promoting sustainable technologies, improving business competitiveness and reducing the economic and environmental cost of products

Our service:

  • We evaluate technologies from an environmental point of view and make Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).
  • We calculate the carbon footprint in terms of GHG emissions according to different methodologies (ISO).
  • We carry out Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of product, process and / or service, in accordance with ISO 14040..

Our value:

  • CARTIF has a team of experts with extensive experience and knowledge of the methodology used.
  • CARTIF advises the client on his relationship with the environment.
  • CARTIF is accredited in ecodesign (UNE-EN ISO 14006)..

Projects of reference:

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