Implementation of ecodesign and environmental ecolabelling


Human beings have an increasing respect for the environment and are more aware of the benefits that a responsible attitude can have in the environment around them.
Likewise, the consumer begins to demand more information about the environmental quality of the products they buy.
Environmental labeling is the available tool to get the consumer to apply that environmental awareness when consuming a product.

Our service:

  • We carry out environmental eco-labeling type I (ISO 14024) and type III (ISO 14025) of products, services and/or processes, which includes the ecological label and environmental statements.
  • We help companies to know and control the environmental impacts of their activity, in an automated and systematic way.

Our value:

  • CARTIF has a team of experts with extensive experience and knowledge of the methodology used.
  • CARTIF advises the client on his relationship with the environment.
  • CARTIF is accredited in ecodesign (UNE-EN ISO 14006).

Projects of reference:


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