3D scanning and measurement services for buildings and civil works


Specialized equipment for measuring and supervising buildings and civil works are offered: on-board equipment in vehicles, specific equipment for railways and thermographic measurement using drones.

Our service:

  • Georeferenced and textured 3D modeling.
  • Tunnel inspection (thermography, inventory, crack detection …)


Our value:

  • Accurate positioning of the data and registration of both anomalies on the surface of the tunnel and of the inventory items requested by the client of the inspected environment.
  • Possibility of contracting data collection (3D points + conventional images + thermographic images) using a drone (Geocisa).
  • Possibility of performing the BIM model of the tunnel (IDP).

Projects of reference:

  • INFIT: Detection of cracks and fissures in tunnels.
  • SAIMIS: Tunnel inspection (videographic and thermographic) using on-board cameras on drones.
  • SITEER: Intelligent Tunnel Supervision through Emissivity and Reflectance Studies.
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