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CARTIF Technology Centre was born in 1994 with the goal of transforming good ideas into realities. Today, it is a benchmark in research and development for companies and people.

Its main function is to generate technological knowledge and offer innovative solutions to companies, in order to improve their processes, systems, products and final services. In short, helping them to develop and adapt to a constantly changing market. Its mission is to convert knowledge into socio-economic growth, like when the centre was created.

CARTIF is an innovative and horizontal company, covering a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, which differentiates it from other more vertical or specialized technology centres. It works in five areas, very different but, at the same time, highly interconnected, so that the research team and its different departments and divisions works in a cross-sectional and collaborative way.

  • Industry: CARTIF offers its customers industrial solutions, with the dual objective of promoting efficient manufacturing and the transition to the Future Factory, ranging from flexible manufacturing, intelligent processes, collaborative robotics and advanced automation, among others. And all this, from a profitability and market positioning perspective.

  • Energy and Environment: the centre counts on more than 20 years of experience in technologies and projects that involve all the agents in the value chain of the energy and environment sectors, with the final purpose of reducing costs economic and environmental aspects of power generation and minimizing its impact.

  • Construction and Infrastructure: CARTIF develops research lines that integrate the concepts of sustainable and intelligent construction. It works with the integration of renewables in buildings team, those for smart homes and those seeking new solutions for the rehabilitation of buildings, with special emphasis on those that are part of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage.

  • Health and wellness: CARTIF is committed to one of the greatest challenges of the future; improving people’s well-being and quality of life. The centre works to equip health professionals with the tools provided by engineering to improve research, diagnosis, treatment of diseases and technological systems used in several health areas.

  • Agri-food: society’s concern to control their health through food makes essential to guarantee the higher quality and safety in processes. CARTIF carries out the optimization of production, develops new products and values agri-food waste, in addition to performing physical-chemical, microbiological and sensory analyses

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