Acquisition and treatment of multispectral images


We have laser scanning and imaging equipment and different software to carry out the digitization of buildings and other goods.

Our service:

  • Long and short range laser scanning
  • 3D models creation using computational photography (Photomodeling)
  • Artworks appraising (authorship, work, etc.).


Our value:

  • Laser scanning of historical-artistic constructions with accuracies of 6mm at 50 m distance (long range) and 0.2mm (short range)
  • Digitization of buildings, facades, porches, altarpieces and movable property by means of photomodeling from photographs taken by people or by drones.
  • Detection of additions, interventions and different layers in artworks by digitization.
  • Moisture detection before they become visible.

Projects of reference:

  • Specific personalized services. 15% of the Románico Norte has been digitized by CARTIF.
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