Agri-Food Laboratory

Extruded Products

Determination of viscosity, filling properties (RVA equipment), changes in starch and proteins (ultrastructure determination by SEM), water/oil absortion index, bulk density, water solubility index, gluten, kneading behaviour (Dough Lab equipment) and colour.

Characterization of flours and flour preparations

  • Test and experimentation with cereals, legumes.
  • Incorporation of new ingredients.

Experimental cooking

  • Reformulation of foods/new products. Available equipments: bakeries, fryers, homogenizers, cheese vats, oven, freezers, packaging systems (vacuum, injection of modified atmospheres)

Physico-chemical characterization of foods

  • Analysis of morfological changes (Scanning Electron Microscope, SEM) and lipid oxidation, pH determination, texture and colour.

Sensory Analysis

  • Organoleptic characterization of developed products, modification of ingredients or changes in packaging system.

Nutritional characterization and shelf life study

  • Determination of moisture, ash, protein, fat, sugars, dietary fiber, minerals, carbohydrates and calorific value.
  • Conservation and shelf life study.
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