Agro-forestry Laboratory

Agro-forestry Laboratory offers:

  • Comprehensive agricultural and forestry studies.
  • Analysis and tests at laboratory, greenhouse and field levels.
  • Personalized services for the agricultural sector, forestry and manufacturers of agricultural inputs (fertilizers, biostimulants,
  • pesticides, substrates).
  • Studies of new gardening, agriculture and forestry systems in urban settings.

Agro-forestry analysis and interpretation of results

  • Characterization and full diagnosis of elements of agro-forestry farms : sustrates, plants, water, fertilizers, diseases and pests.
  • Interpretation of results and management guidelines.

Nutritional and water analysis

  • Fertilization tests: slow release fertilizers, oxidizing agents, optimization of doses, homogenization of fertilizer matter.
  • Analysis of suitability and treatment of different effluents for using as irrigation water.

Sustainable management

  • Carrying out of transition studies of farming systems towards more sustainable and resilient alternatives to Climate Change.
  • Valorization of effluents and residues for fertigation and technosols design.
  • Crop association studies for pest and disease control and production optimization.

Agronomic Diagnosis

  • Suitability study of the contributions of nutrients to the real demand of the plant, taking into account the environmental conditions and surroundings (urban, peri-urban, rural).
  • Nutritional monitoring to control and increase the profitability of crops.
  • Monitoring of the specific needs of the plant, fitting irrigation and fertilizer doses in the different phenological stages.
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