LIFE GYsTRA project, led by CARTIF, starts its pilot plan, in collaboration with the Mobility Council of municipality of Alcobendas (Madrid) and MásMóvil, in this town to evaluate the traffic emissions central district and the outputs 16 and 17 of A-1, and communicate the dates to their citizens to get a more transparency. The objective of this project is reducing the pollution gases and improve the air quality.

The main objective of LIFE GYsTRA project and its pilot plan in this Madrid’s town is the massive vigilance and manage of the traffics emissions through the innovating tele-detection sensors, intelligent facilities systems, 5G nets, big data platforms and data communication systems of vehicles and drivers.

According to Aitor Retolaza (Cs), the Mobility councillor of Alcobendas, “the possibility impaction of this plan will increase the air and health quality of our citifies. We will foster the creation of new solutions to be the Intelligent Town due to the decisions based on real emissions traffic data and not estimation, and produce a new impulse of digitalizes the Alcobendas’s transport. “. Retolaza ensure this project “will increase the mobility in the town, one of the biggest problem who concern their neighbours.”

LIFE GYsTRA project, financed of European Union including in the LIFE program, pretends to contribute with real solutions to one of the most society problem: the ambient pollution. Some scientific studies show the 10% of the biggest emission vehicles are liable to the 80% the traffic pollution.  A percent which increase more and more due to the continuing use of this type of vehicles.

Thanks to the exactly data quantification obtaining of the RSD+ dispositive, will be archived according to an exactly way to this problem, analysing this type of emissions in real situations, starts with a mobility politic which let reduce then and raise the citifies.

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