Analysis and control of vibrations in structures


We evaluate the dynamic behavior of structures using all kinds of equipment (sensors, recorders and actuators) and modal analysis software.
We design vibration absorption systems to reduce the level of vibrations so that the structures comply with current regulations.

Our service:

  • Monitoring of civil structures using wired and wireless sensors.
    Obtaining modal models of civil structures through experimental and operational modal analysis.
  • Design and development of passive and active vibration absorption systems (TMD, AMD, …) to provide greater damping to low damping civil structures.
  • Serviceability limit state assessment of footbridges.


Our value:

  • Great knowledge about the dynamics of footbridges and pedestrian-structure interaction.
  • Close collaboration with the main national and European research groups in civil structure dynamics.

Projects of reference:

  • EMPACOL: Modal analysis and measurement of stresses during the different construction phases of a stress-ribbon footbridge.

  • Design and development of a TMD for the pedestrian walkway close to the Balearic stadium (Mallorca).

  • Dinak: Tuned mass damper design for industrial chimneys.

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