Biotechnology Laboratory

Green Chemistry

  • Combinating chemical and biotechnological processes to search out alternatives to conventional technologies related to synthesis of products and waste or pollutant reduction into the environment.
  • Obtaining of bioproducts from biomass by scaling technologies.
  • Studies of reaction kinetics and catalyst activity.


  • Obtaining bioproducts using micro-organisms from conventional carbon sources and waste/by-products in an orbital shaker and scaled in 1-5 L bioreactors.
  • Reduction of pollutants in different matrices, production of biofertilizers.

  Upstream processes

  • Conversion of waste/by-products into carbon sources assimilable by micro-organisms: enzymatic hydrolysis, pretreatment techniques and optimization of culture medium.

Downstream processes

  • Extraction of bioproducts and qualitative and quantitative analysis (HPLC, GCMS, SEM, FTIR).
  • Micro-organism encapsulation for different applications.

Molecular Biology

  • Identification of micro-organisms by PCR and RT-PCR in food, soil, water, etc.
  • DNA extraction and quantification (Nanodrop).
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites.
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