Building energy certification


Development of simulation models and obtaining of the energy classification of buildings in project, finished and existing through the usage of tools endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Ecologic Transition (CYPETHERM HE Plus or CE3X)

Our service:

  • We perform data acquisition to make energy certificates.
  • We generate the energy certification based on tools endorsed by the State [CE3X o CYPETHERM HE Plus] and perform the online register for the final classification.
  • We make a report of proposed enhancement measurements.
  • We offer complementary justifications, like the comply with CTE DB HE0 & DB HE1
  • We offer optionally the geometry model in IFC format of the building being certified.

Our value:

  • Wide experience with many building typologies and handling of several tools endorsed by the State.
  • We offer added value to the certifications through reports with enhancement measurements, complementary justifications to CTE and geometric models of the building in BIM (IFC). .

Projects of reference:


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