Calculation and simulation of construction systems


Reliable results of behavior and response of the elements under study and development of simple applications of sizing and validation system are offered. Thus facilitating the client the issuance of budgets.

Our service:

  • Comprehensive service in characterization, modeling, design, calculation and simulation through the Finite Element Method.
  • Analysis, redesign and optimization of structural products.


Our value:

  • Verification according to regulations for static performance (including non-linearities as plasticity or large displacements), buckling analysis, mechanical fatigue and dynamic behavior.
  • Composite materials specific expert knowledge, in terms of understanding the problem and numerical solution by means of the finite elements method.
  • Calculation and simulation knowledge in a wide variety of sectors.

Projects of reference:

  • Alucoil: Building envelope assessment. Larson System

  • AlintraSystems: Horizontal faces assessment. Larcore System

  • Fasten: Structural analysis of multiple-jointed mechanical systems

  • Kmetal: Mechanical resistance verification of VIGA-KM & VIGA-C systems

  • Dinak: Preliminary design of tuned damper systems for chimneys

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