CARTIF launches its Nature-Based Solutions Laboratory (NBS-Lab), thus becoming the first Spanish technology centre to have this type of facilities. This laboratory will allow to investigate natural solutions as an alternative to traditional urban solutions, favoring the transformation of our cities into bio-cities.

CARTIF, which has been working with Nature-based Solutions for 10 years, and has a team of people with training and experience in all disciplines that cover this scientific area (Forestry Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Chemists, Biologists and specialists in different environmental issues), thus boosting its activity towards the development of “bio-urbanism”, a concept that brings nature back to our cities, making them more sustainable and healthy places, where citizens’ wellbeing takes priority.

The laboratory is based on the project “Research on the functional use of natural resources to solve environmental problems arising from the current climate change and the ecosystem deterioration of urban and peri-urban areas”, which is funded through the call for Projects of I + D applied to technological centers of the Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE) of Castilla y León, and has a budget of more than € 600,000.

The implementation of the NBS Laboratory has several pilot facilities that will allow work in different lines of research:

  • Improvement of air quality through natural solutions, with natural gas purification and air filtration systems – Green Filter.
  • Innovative Green Infrastructure Systems, such as vertical gardens / green facades and vegetated shade systems.
  • Improvement of wastewater management and purification through Sustainable Urban Water Management Systems.
  • Improvement systems for degraded soils, which will have a pilot greenhouse with climate control systems.
  • New sustainable farming systems, as a hydroponics pilot.
  • Pollinator modules to monitor their presence and evaluate the evolution of their populations.
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