The s-X-AIPI project, an Horizon Europe initiative led by CARTIF, has started this month and to celebrate it, the consortium has organized a face to face meeting in the facilities of CARTIF in Boecillo (Valladolid, Spain).

During the working sessions, which took place on 24 and 25 May, the project partners discussed the challenges and how to face them in the coming months. Thanks to the return to face-to-face events, as well as getting to know CARTIF’s facilities, the partners have been able to meet in person and strengthen ties and synergies that will unite them in the coming months.

On a positive note, the consortium ends these working sessions with good expectations for the future in the development of autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies with advanced abilities (called self-X abilities) for the digital transformation of the European process industry.

The s-X-AIPI project aims to research, develop, test and experiment an innovative toolset of custom trustworthy self-X AI technologies. During the next three years of the initiative’s development, a portfolio of AI technologies  will be validated in four representative industrial use cases from the process industry (asphalt, steel, aluminium and pharmaceutics).

CARTIF, in addition to coordinating the project development and being the technology provider of the asphalt use case, will lead the entire WP1 “Management and Coordination” and its tasks, besides WP5 “Demonstration of the auto-X artificial intelligence prototypes, user training and performance improvement in the process industry”.

The project consortium is composed of 14 international partners with extensive experience in the field of technology and artificial intelligence: Engineering and Politecnico di Milano (Italy), BFI (Germany), RCPE (Austria), NISSATECH (Serbia), CORE (Greece) and SIDENOR, AIMEN, Eiffage, MSI, IDALSA, DEUSER, UNE and CARTIF (Spain).

The s-X-AIPI project (self-X Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation) has been funded by the European Commission within the Horizon Europe programme (Project No. 101058715).

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