The new European project TALENT has already started. The launch meeting of this initiative led by CARTIF has taken place today at the center’s facilities in the Boecillo Technology Park. This proyect, which brings together Spanish and European partners, will last three years and aims to help in the transformation of the infrastructure for the generation, transport and distribution of electric energy through innovative techniques.

Over the latest years we are witnessing a process of energy transition towards a more sustainable model that allows us to meet the CO2 emission reduction targets set by the European Union. It is necessary to act quickly so that this transformation occurs as soon as possible and thus tackle the effects of climate change.

This transition will only be possible through a profound transformation of the energy sector, considering energy in all its forms. Specifically, the electricity sector needs to be adapted to absorb the generally distributed renewable energy generation. It is necessary to provide the electricity grid with flexibility, stability and reliability. In addition, the derived economic cost must be acceptable.

This transformation of the electricity sector involves the transformation of the infrastructure for the generation, transport and distribution of electrical energy, with the consequent introduction of new elements.

In this sense, the TALENT project promotes the reduction of costs of the power electronics necessary for the integration of batteries in different points of the network. It also seeks to reduce the costs of energy management systems through interoperability and the ability to function as a service. The developments pursued in the project will be characterized by having the following properties:

  • Power electronics based on new scalable architectures and new types of electronic devices.
  • Modular battery system adaptable to voltages of 800, 1.500 and 3.000 volts.
  • Interoperable software services for the management of hybrid and decentralized energy resources with the ability to interact with virtual power plants.

TALENT is funded by the European Commission’s H2020 program, with a budget of 3.974.906 euros and a group of partners: Rina Consulting SpA (IT), Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et Aux Énergies Alternatives CEA (FR), CEGASA (ES), University of Oviedo (ES), cyberGRID GMBH (AT), Gamesa Electric (ES), with its Third Party Siemens-Gamesa Renowable Energy (ES), European Association for Storage of Energy EASE (BE), CIRCE Foundation (ES ), Deloitte (ES) and Mitsubishi Electric Europe (MEE).

Apart from coordination, CARTIF participates in the design of the concept of scalable hybrid decentralized energy systems and participates in the development of the management software for these systems, including their integration into a Virtual Power Plant and the development of the digital twin of a battery.

The results of the project will be validated at the facilities of the University of Oviedo, Gamesa Electric and CEA.

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