Within the framework of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program and with CARTIF at the head of the initiative, the European Commission has launched the Nemo project, in which 18 partners from 11 countries participate with the aim of creating a global and scalable solution to improve air quality and reduce acoustic impact in cities in the European Union.

The ultimate goal is to develop a remote sensing system to measure emissions and traffic noise. The solution will be integrated into road, rail and maritime infrastructure to make it standardized, easier to use and capable of operating without supervision for uninterrupted surveillance.

On the one hand, it is intended to implement a new and improved autonomous remote sensing system that will identify vehicles that produce noise and air pollution, making this information available to toll or access systems. On the other hand, a comprehensive solution will be developed to mitigate the noise and emissions of moving vehicles, which will include optimizing the texture of the pavements and designing a multifunctional barrier.

The project is coordinated by CARTIF, has a budget of 6,500,000 euros and is scheduled to take place within 36 months, ending in April 2023. One of the pilots will be carried out in the port of Valencia, to test the solutions developed in its maritime interface.

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