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Digital Transformation Unit

The Digital Transformation Support Unit, hereinafter “the UNIT”, will provide support to SMEs and entrepreneurs of Castilla y León, facilitating the application of digital technologies in the transformation of their businesses, in order to increase their productivity, competitiveness and future profitability.

It will be made up of a Network of Digital Agents, hereinafter “RED”, from different Technology Centres in Castilla y León. The work developed by the RED will be coordinated by the Association of Technology Centres of Castilla y León.

The objective is that each Centre will have a pool of annual hours of specialised advice, corresponding to the work of technical specialists in the field, with a scientific-technical profile, whose work will be associated with the NETWORK, and with exclusive dedication.

I. Digital transformation diagnostics, Action Plan and Mentoring for implementation

A prior diagnosis of the company’s initial digital situation will be carried out.

A Personalised Digitalisation Plan will be drawn up that will include the strengths and needs of the companies, a description of the technologies/services, innovative aspects and potential technological partners that can provide a solution to the needs or technologies identified.

Companies that so request, and have been diagnosed, will be given advice by the Digitalisation Agent to carry out the implementation of the previously defined Action Plan.

In relation to financing, this advice will basically focus on identifying the necessary costs and the most appropriate regional, national and international sources of financing.

As a result of each of these actions, a report will be drawn up with the conclusions of the Diagnosis and the agreed Action Plan, as well as the tutoring activities carried out for the implementation, including the measurement of the impact produced and expected in the short, medium and long term in the company.

II. Technological advice

The action consists of providing an appropriate response to requests for specific technological advice on digitalisation that arrive at each Technology Centre, informing you of all the official aid and credit lines, offering the most fundamental services as experts in the digital environment and placing all our departments at your disposal.

III. Promotion of participation in other regional, national and European digitalisation aid plans.

At the national level, the aim is to provide advice and support to SMEs in Castilla y León so that they can access and benefit from the different measures and actions implemented by the National Government.

Likewise, the participation of regional SMEs will be encouraged in other actions related to the support of digitalisation, whether at regional or European level, such as the Digital Europe Programme.

One of the actions that will be developed by the Digital Agents will be carried out on an individual basis, mainly by providing the personalised advice necessary to successfully access the actions contemplated in the aforementioned plans.

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