Control and prevention of “Brettanomyces“throughout the winemaking process


The “Brettanomyces” is a yeast that appears unpredictably in the winemaking process, providing negative sensory changes in the wine, constituting the great threat to the wine sector.

There are two combined strategies to stop this microorganism during the wine making process based on the detection of volatile phenols (by GC) and on the detection of the microorganism in the initial stages of the process.

Our service:

  • We propose a “Brettanomyces” Control and Prevention Plan (PCP) throughout the winemaking process, based on a combined methodology of microbiological analysis and detection of phenolic compounds.
  • We apply a PCP adapted to the needs and requirements of each winery (number of sampling and control points).

Our value:

  • CARTIF has collaborated with the leading companies in the wine sector.
  • We offer a comprehensive PCP throughout the warehouse, detecting possible contamination risks and identifying critical control points.

Projects of reference:

  • Technological services to companies.
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