Deployment of good sustainable practices in hospitals: energy, water and waste


Hospitals contribute significantly to Climate Change, through the natural resources and products they consume and the waste they generate during the service they provide.
With the aim of promoting the sustainability in the health sector and reducing its climate footprint, we propose the application of a methodology aimed at increasing energy efficiency, improving the integral water cycle and improving waste management in hospitals and health centers.

Our service:

  • We carry out diagnostic audits adapted to each hospital or health center in the lines of action: ENERGY, WATER and WASTE.
  • We deploy and monitor the best selected actions with the greatest impact.
  • We provide training actions to people involved in a hospital (general, technical and management).

Our value:

  • CARTIF accumulates extensive experience in developing a methodology to improve efficiency in the consumption of resources.
  • CARTIF has a qualified and accredited technical team to carry out diagnostic audits, adapted to the characteristics of each entity..

Projects of reference:

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