Development and evaluation of Climate Change Adaptive Strategies


Development, evaluation and drafting of strategies to adapt to the climate change in municipalities in order to face and mitigate the effects of the climate change. This will be done through a process of identification of the most probable climate impacts using climate projections and scenarios, and lines of acting (adaptive actions) will be defined for those scopes prioritised by the municipality.


Our service:

  • Realization of climate projections over the municipality and identification of the more probable climate impacts.
  • Integrated evaluation of risks and climate vulnerability.
  • Analysis of the adaptation capability of the municipality.
  • Shared definition of strategic objectives, goals and acting lines, adaptive measurements and economic analysis.
  • Definition of follow-up indicators.
    Synthesis documents for Strategic of Adaptation and Mitigation


Our value:

Availability of several self-made tools:

  • Estimation of the balance for CO2 emissions.
  • Estimation and visualization of the energy demand for residential buildings in rural or urban environments.
  • IAM modelling in climate matters.
  • IPCC methodologies for emission inventory.
  • SEA process for strategic environmental evaluation.


Projects of reference:

  • Strategies for Adaptation to Climate Change in Valladolid.
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