Development and installation of customized computer vision systems


For over 20 years, CARTIF has developed its own artificial vision algorithms for use in production processes in all kinds of industries.

Our service:

  • Innovative solutions in industrial machine vision systems. With the aim of improving productivity and competitiveness, we develop vision systems for: process control, quality control, detection of defective products, identification and classification of components, positioning of objects, dimensional control, etc.


Our value:

  • We carry out custom developments to meet the specific needs of our clients.
  • Development of proprietary algorithms for the inspection of highly reflective surfaces and defects detection.


Projects of reference:

  • ADIENT: Detection of “assembling defects” in car seats manufacturing.
  • RENAULT L12: Verification of sheet positioning in hot stamping processes.
  • GESTAMP: Detection of pores and cracks in automotive steel sheets.
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