Development of Smart Contracts for peer to peer energy transactions with Blockchain technology


Development and deployment of platforms based on Blockchain for the implementation of Smart Contracts that could facilitate the “self-management” in the scope of energy transaction peer to peer. This way, it will be possible to self-document each and every energy transaction done, and also the intelligent contracts will be implemented and deployed to ensure (automatically) that every agent of the transaction complies with its part of the contract.

Our service:

  • Analysis of the requirements raised by the client.
  • Design of the Blockchain architecture to be deployed.
  • Definition of the Smart Contracts to be implemented.
  • Development of the Blockchain platform and Smart Contracts.
  • Testing of the Blockchain platform.
  • Integration tests of the Blockchain platform with the rest of the systems to which it will have to interact.
  • Deployment of the Blockchain platform developed.
  • Final validation.

Our value:

  • CARTIF is member of the Alastria platform, and has experience working with other Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum. Thanks to that, we can propose for each case the usage of the platform that would fit best to the precise existing needs.
  • Turnkey custom solutions.
  • Possibility of integration with other platforms that let extend the functionalities offered by the Blockchain platform.
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