Drying tests of natural products


In the industrial field, obtaining an active ingredient or extract present in natural products faces the technical difficulty for its concentration and water elimination maintaining its functional properties.
CARTIF use the two most suitable natural product drying technologies for the recovery of the active ingredients through dehydration: atomization (spray drying) and lyophilization.

Our service:

  • We carry out drying tests of natural products, on a laboratory scale, for the recovery of active ingredients using the two available drying techniques.
  • We carry out pilot scale spray drying tests with a 22 L/h evaporation capacity drying tower.
  • We analyze the quality of the dehydrated product obtained, to guarantee the conservation of its properties.

Our value:

  • We offer a complete and comparative study on both research scales (laboratory and pilot) of the two drying techniques.
  • We support the client inathe development of the best industrial solutions..

Projects of reference:

  • DIANA PROSOL (2011-2014)

  • Technological services to companies.

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