Effluent Treatment Plant from algal biomass production


  • The plant is used for the treatment of high organic load wastewater using microalgae in heterotrophic conditions (absence of light).
  • The plant is energy sustainable, including:
    • Photovoltaic module with solar batteries
    • 10 kW pellet stove
  • It has as main equipment:
    • Growing area (raceway and dark tanks)
    • Concentration and drying system for algal biomass (centrifugal and spray drying)



  • Cold sterilization of beverages and pharmaceuticals.
  • Juice / wine / beer clarification.
  • Separation of bacteria from water.
  • Previous treatment of reverse osmosis.
  • Oil / water separation.
  • Effluent treatments, medical water, laboratory water or any application aimed to high purity water.
  • Obtaining distilled water.
Eflluent Treatment Plant from algal biomass production
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