The NEMO Consortium is organising an online press-meeting next March 26 to share key development news on a uniquely European solution for monitoring air pollution and noise emission from vehicles in real-time. The aim of the initiative is to protect our most vulnerable urban areas while also making EU’s technology sector more competitive.

Traffic accounts for a large proportion of air pollution and noise in European cities. The innovative turn-key solution will demonstrate how real-time monitoring of emissions and noise from traffic can protect low-emission zones in cities.

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, this new initiative brings together research institutes, corporations, local governments and authorities from 11 of its member states, to develop a turn-key solution for the integration of new systems into existing infrastructure in order to measure and mitigate emissions and noise levels.

At the centre of the solution is a new autonomous remote-sensing system that can be fitted to tolling or access systems and protect Low-Emission Zones and other sensitive areas from high-emitters. The autonomous remote sensing system identifies noisy and polluting vehicles in existing traffic and make this information available to tolling or access systems. The system can be fully integrated into both road and rail infrastructure and will have the tools available to communicate with the existing data structure of transport operators and authorities.



1. Introduction to NEMO: Reducing the deadly impact of air and noise pollution. Gate 21 & CARTIF (10 mins)

2. Presentations: The innovative elements of NEMO’s solution (30 mins)

  • Exhaust emission, presented by OPUS RS Europe
  • Noise emission, presented by MULLER-BBM
  • Integration/Communication, presented by M+P/SINTEF
  • Mitigation, presented by University of Cantabria
  • Pilots, presented by The Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Tuscany
  • Impact & City Exchange, presented by Transport & Environment

3. Selected breakout sessions with Q&A: (30 mins)

Choose your breakout room (select from links posted during the meeting, to below topics)

  • Protect overview
  • Emissions & Integration
  • Mitigation
  • Pilots

4. Return to main forum – next step in NEMO’s development work. Gate 21 & CARTIF (10 mins)


The online event will start 10.30 and the registration in this link is necessary to take part in.

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