[BUILD ON] Smart solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of buildings

Buildings play a central role in the energy transition. Smarter technologies can support digitalisation and decarbonisation to benefit building occupants, managers and the entire energy system. These solutions can help improve energy performance, optimise the operation of technical building systems and facilitate adaptation to external environmental factors and to uncontrolled and changing conditions. Furthermore, this transition towards sustainable and low-carbon living must be feasible and accessible to all, sufficiently generic and highly replicable, so that the benefits can be scaled up.

BuildON and SMARTeeSTORY organise next 13 February a webinar to learn more about their main objectives being projects working on smarter solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of buildings and improve their performance.

The webinar will be hosted by BUILD UP, the European Portal for Energy Efficiency and renewable energy in Buildings.


12:00 Presentation of BUILD UP. Introduction to webinar topic and agenda

12:05 Problem statement and framework; Sofia Mulero. CARTIF

12:10 BuildON introduction. Smart Transformer Toolbox, validation activities. Sofia Mulero. CARTIF and Nikos Dimitropoulos. NTUA

12:35 SMARTeeSTORY Introduction, Key expected results, pilots. Matteo Porta and Heidi Percuoco. RINA-C

13:00 Smart buildings, user interaction and engagement; Nikos Dimitropoulos. NTUA, Chiara Fonio. ICONS and Alessandra Luna. TUD

13:20 Q&A sessions


Organise: BUILDON

More info: BUILDON


Feb 13 2024


11:00 am - 12:30 pm