[CAPRI] y [s-X-AIPI] Fiware SUMMIT 2023

9th FIWARE Global Summit in Vienna

Technology is changing the way we live, work and interact. FIWARE lends a hand to those who want to change the world, predict the future and transform markets for the better, based on proven open source technology. From start-ups and SMEs to global enterprises, FIWARE helps today’s disruptors fully understand what tomorrow holds and how they can be part of this transformational journey.

Our colleague Daniel Gomez, from the Industrial and Digital Systems Division, will be present at the summit on 13 June participating in the session called “Smart Industry – Smart Manufacturing through Smart Data Sharing” giving a presentation entitled “Cognitive Application Platform and self-X AI tools: powered- by-FIWARE solutions for the Process Industry” a session in which he will talk about the CAPRI and s-X-AIPI projects and the use of FIWARE-based technology in the asphalt use case.



More info: FIWARE

Organize: FIWARE Open APIs for Open Minds


Jun 12 - 13 2023


All Day