CORFU 2022 Conference

Next 15 -18 June CORFU 2022 Conference will be held at the CORFU Municipal Theatre. At this conference we will find our partners Francisco Corona an d Sergio Sanz, that will present WALNUT project.


15 June

8h – 9:15h Registration

9:15h – 9:45h Welcome Speeches

9:45h – 11:15h Keynote Speakers

11:15h – 11:45h Coffee Break

11:45h – 14:15h Session 1: MSW management Experience of local authorities in waste management

14:15h – 15h Lunch Break

11:45h – 15h Session 2: Circular Economy & Symbiosis Networks

11:45h – 15h Session 3: Waste Valorization I

11:15h – 15h Virtual Session IV: Aerobic Treatment & Anaerobic Digestion I

15h – 19:15h Session V: MSW management II Experience of local authorities in waste management

15h – 19h Session VI: Tools in the eld of waste management

15h – 19h Session VII: Bioprocesses, Bioreneries in waste management I

15h – 19h Session VIII: Management of specic waste streams, Recycling & Resources Recovery

16 June

8h – 9:30h Registration

9:15h – 10:45h Main speeches

10:45h – 11:15h Coffee

11:15h – 14:45h Session IX: Anaerobic Digestion I

14:15h – 15:00h Lunch Break

11:15h – 14:45h Sessionn X: Agricultural Waste Management, Aerobic Treatment

11:15h  -14:45h Session XI: Waste Valorisation II

11:15h – 14:45h Session XII: LIFE 30-year Anniversary – HORIZON EUROPE Master-class on Horizon Europe: How to win funds for your project? Innovation – Startups.The experience of LIFE projectsE

15h – 19h Session XIII: Anaerobic Digestion II

15h – 19h Session XIV: Food Waste Management

15h – 19h Session XV: Waste Valorization III

15h – 19h Session XVI: Tools for waste management, Recycling & Resources Recovery

17 June

9h – 14:30h Session XVII: Waste-to-Energy & Energy from Waste

11:45h -12h Coffee Break

14:15h – 15h Lunch Break

8:45h – 14:45h Session XVIII:Management of Specic Waste Streams, Recycling & Resources Recovery

9h – 14:30h Session XIX: Bioprocesses, Bioreneries in waste management II

8:45h – 15h Session XX: Waste Valorisation IV

15h – 19:30h Session XXI: Recovery of materials from wastewater, sludge – Sludge Management & Energy from waste

15h – 19:45h Session XXII: Marine Litter, Plastics & Bioplastics

15h – 19:45h Session XXIII: Waste Valorisation V

15h – 19:45h Session XXIV: Waste-to-Energy & Energy from Waste II







Jun 15 - 18 2022