EMobility World Congress

We are facing important challenges on mobility in order to achieve a more sustainable and environmental friendly cities and society. Thats why eMobility Expo & World Congress arrives in Valencia. eMobility Expo & World Congress Valencia is where public and private organizations are working together and defining the frameworks to transform the mobility industry to a new dimension.

Transport is a key sector to support economic and social development. However, this is a sector with great opportunities for improvement in the field of sustainability and efficiency. This sector is the main consumer of fossil fuel energy and is associated with one of the most important infrastructures in the territories.

eMobility Expo World Congress is an event where business meetins are taking place from all players in the sectorq: manufacturers, tech companies, operators, public administrations, start-ups, clsuters, service, ticketing, maintenance companies, from all across Europe.

Our partner Juan Castro, from Circular Economy area, will participate as speaker on one of the sustainability session called “Battery Manufacturing and Recycling” that will take place next 22nd March. Alongside him we will find Mª Fernanda Gazulla Barreda, head of analysis and test are from ITC and Borja Mateu from INESCOP.

EMobility Expo World Congress 


Mar 22 2023


1:00 am - 2:00 pm