FREE4LIB] Raw Materials Week

Production of raw materials for batteries from European resources

Several EU funded projects are clustering together on the 14th November 2022 at the Raw Materials Week in Brussels to present their objectives and activities related to the recovery and production of raw materials for battery applications from European resources.

The clustering event will be an opportunity for the attendees to share knowledge on the different approaches used for the recycling and recovery of raw materials for batteries applications in order to stimulate synergies and innovations in this field,and identify potential exploitation routes.

The clustering workshop will provide the stakeholders essential information about the main objectives and activities of each project as well as their partnership and expected outcomes. At the end of the workshop a discussion will focus on ideas pursuing future clustering activities.

Agenda of the event

9:00 – 10:00 Networking coffee

10:00 – 10:05 Welcome and introduction; Nader Akil (PNO)

10:05 – 10:25 CROCODILE: First of a kind commercial compact system for the efficient recovery of cobalt designed with novel integrated leading technologies; Lourdes Yurramendi (TECNALIA)

10:25-10:40 BATRAW: Recycling of end of life battery packs for domestic raw material supply chains and enhanced circular economy;Sonia Matencio Lloberas (LEITAT)

10:40-10:55 RHINOCEROS: Batteries reuse and direct production of high performances cathodic and anodic materials and other raw materials from batteries recycling using low cost and environmentally friendly technologies; Nader Akil (PNO)

10:55-11:10 FREE4LIB: Feasible recovery of critical raw materials through a new circular ecosystem for a Li-ion battery cross-value chain in Europe; Juan Castro (CARTIF)

11:10-11:25 RESPECT: Flexible, Safe and efficient REcycling of Li-ion batterieS for a comPetitive, circular, and sustainable European battery manufaCTuring industry; Justo Garcia (ORANO)

11:25-11:40 LICORNE: Lithium recovery and battery-grade materials production from European resources; Alan Morales (PNO)

11:40-11:55 RELiEF: Recycling of Lithium from Secondary Raw Materials and Further; Gabriel Hidalgo (ABEE GROUP)

11:55-12:10 ENICON: Sustainable processing of Europe’s low-grade sulphidic and lateritic nickel/cobalt ores and tailings into battery-grade metals; Sofía Riaño Torres (KU LEUVEN)

12:10-12:30 How to continue with the clustering activities and wrap up; Nader Akil (PNO) moderator-All

12:30-14:00 Networking lunch





Nov 14 2022


9:00 am - 12:30 am