From commercial to residential: extending Energy Performance Contracts

Despite the large economic energy savings potential in the EU, the energy service companies market for residential buildings is much less developed than in other sectors. Energy Performance Contracting (EPCs) providers have been most active in the services and the public buildigns sector, but very few work in the residential market.There are specific barriers which make a large-scale application of business models for the residential building particularly difficult. However, there are several opportunities and favourable conditions for the definition and deployment of innovative business models that can transform the residential energy markets.

All these aspects will be addresed through an open discussion during the event organized by three H2020 EU Projects delaing with the extension of Energy Performance Contracts from commercial to residential: frESCO (893857), SENSEI (847066) and amBIENCE (847054).


14:30 Introduction to the event and to the projects

14:40 Open discussion

14:40 The market and regulatory framework

15:00 The strategies to promote energy efficiency and reduce costs of the energy transition in the residential sector

15:20 The emerging business models and actors

15:40 The risks and opportunities

16:00 Polls and Q&A session

16:20 Conclusions


Moderator: Iris Xhani

frESCO panelists: Leon Nielsen and Giannis Georgopoulos

SENSEI panelists: Filippos Anagnostopoulos, Charles-Henri Bourgois and Benedetto Grillone

amBIENCE panelists: Lieven Vanstraelen and Annick Vastiau


Organize: frESCO, SENSI and amBIENCE


Mar 18 2022


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm