[FrontSH1P] Genova General Assembly

FrontSH1P Workshop: How to build a low-carbon climate resilient future for cities and regions

Given the challenges connected to the transition towards the circular economy, working together at the European level beyond the individual projects will take the impact of projects to a new levels.

EcoFISHent, Circular Foam, Agro2Circular and FRONTSH1P projects have decided to create a common cluster: “LOOP” and thereby to establish intensive and long-lasting collaboration in the upcoming years.

During LOOP workshop, questions inherent to circular economy concepts in regional and local economies resource cycles and the possibility to create circular and sustainable ecosystems, active participation, and involvement of citizens to achieve circular design innovation will be answered.

To reflect the need for a multi-stakeholder approach, the keynote speakers of the event will be leaders and representatives of circular systemic solutions, technical demosntrators of the circular economy, European Green Deal policymakers and representatives of the Circular City and Region Initiative.


Organize: FRONTSH1P


May 24 2022


2:30 pm - 6:30 pm