[I-NERGY] Looking for SMEs and Startups in the AI/ Energy sector

1st Technology Transfer Programme 

After the assessment and evaluation of 126 submitted applications from 27 European Union and Associated Countries, I-NERGY project has selected the 10 winning proposals to join its first 6-month long Technical Transfer Programme, which includes up to 50,000 euros funding per beneficiary and mentoring services. Teams have the goal to develop building blocks and appliations for new AI algorithms/services and small-scale experiments to address specific cross-sectorial challneges within the energy sector and to enhance Europe´s AI on demand platform AI4EU.

The 10 finalists are made up of the following small and medium-sized enterprises from 6 European Countries:

ADIOS; a project aorund anomaly detection for grid operational stability coordinated by IKIM Itd.

AI4Demand; an AI-based multilayer tool for building energy consumption and demand prediction using local weather forecasts and sensor data, coordinated by AMPER S&C IoT S.L

AI4EOHotel; bringing to life Big-data from Hotels to forecast their Energy Consumption Patterns an Optimise their Energy Use, led by Energy Research & Intelligence Solutions S.L.U

AI4Hydro; led by AvailabilityPlus GmbH in Germany and with the mission to extend the remaining useful life of hydro-turbines

DemandData; an initiative Releasing the value of smart meter data led by Advanced Infrastructure OU

E-ModelOps; the world´s first ModelOps platform tailores for energy open source forecasting, optimisation and simulation use-cases led by Snowball Technologies AB

Maintenet; a project bringing the power of prediction into the electric distribution network and critical assets, led by Mipu Energy Data

SmartRIVER; a global AI-based Digital Twin solution for AI-driven hydropower energy intelligence and optimal production forecasting under the coordination of GECOsistema srl

SnowPower; a software as a service that enables utilities to monitor and predict hydropower generation, providing an estimate of the snow water equivalent, led by Amigo s.r.l

SuperPower; a project around super-resolution applied to drone imagery to improve power line monitoring, led by FuVeX Civil SL

Organize: I-NERGY



May 06 2022