[MATRYCS] FEDARENE Annual Meeting 2022

Cross-assessment and convergence of energy performance certification and buildings’ data digitalisation

Data on energy performance of buildings are precious for accelerating the EU renovation wave. Considered as a first tool to trigger action, Energy Performance Certification (EPC) has gained a lot of attention lately, with projects working on making their assessment and use more efficient, developing their data accessibility with intelligence, and exploring convergence among the different national EPC schemes.

During the Energy Event, MATRYCS along with crossCERT and QUALDeEPC will present their insights on how data on energy performance of buildings can be used to accelerate the wave of renovation in the EU.

More specifically, the presentation of the MATRYCS project will focus on Share Data and harmonization of building renovation. Gema Hernandez from Cartif will present project’s updates and the pilots focusing on EPCs and SECAPs. Following, Marina Bartolomé from Veolia will present advances for District Heating Networks and energy efficiency optimisation.

Agenda of the event

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Jun 15 2022