[MATRYCS] International Social Housing Festival

International Social Housing Festival

From 14 to 17 June, the International Festival of Social Housing will be held in which the MATRYCS project on Big Data and AI to transform the construction sector is participating.

The increasing availability of quality data provides significant opportunities for better and more efficient performance monitoring and optimisation of buildings by enabling better understanding and offering further insights on all aspects affecting (directly or indirectly) their operation through Data Analytics.

The workshop aims at presenting data analytics applications that use data in novel ways to advance the energy transition of the housing sector towards a more sustainable future. The demonstrations will highlight how data-based approaches and artificial intelligence can address several issues on buildings’ energy efficiency, such as monitoring and/or proposing energy efficiency refurbishments in the buildings sector and prioritising investment in buildings towards promoting sustainability, as well as streamlining.


9:00 Welcome and introduction; Joao Gonçalves (Housing Europe)

9:05 The MATRYCS project – Big Data Application for energy buildings; Gema Hernández Moral (CARTIF)

9:20 Estimating energy savings of building renovations with data driven methods; Elissaios Sarmas (National Technical University of Athens)

9:35 Data based approach to reach 2030 Climate Target Plan; Ruslans Rodionovs y Gints Karklins (Latvija Vides Investiciju Fonds)

10:05 Artificial Intelligence in tenant management services; Scott Summers (Fuzzlab)

10:15 Panel Discussion; Joao Gonçalves (Housing Europe), Gema Hernández Moral (CARTIF), Ruslans Rodionovs y Gints Karklins (Latvija Vides Investiciju Fonds), Scott Summers (Fuzzlab)

10:35 Netowrking

11:00 End of session

Organize: MATRYCS 

More info: MATRYCS


Jun 14 - 17 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm