[NATMed] INTEL-IRRIS Final project

The Intel-Irris project, from the PRIMA programme, celebrates its final event on 22 May in Rabat and NATMed will be present.

Our colleagues Raquel Marijuan and Raúl Sánchez, from the Agri-Food and Processes division, will be among the speakers at the event, who will talk about nature-based solutions in the framework of the URBAN GreenUP, CIRAWA and NATMed projects, projects in which CARTIF is a partner.

Programme of the event

09:00 – 09:15 Welcome and presentation of the programme

09:15-09:30 ‘PRIMA INTEL-IRRIS: an irrigation optimisation project for smallholder farmers’; Pr Congduc Pham (UPPA, France)

09:30 – 10:00 ‘The INTEL-IRRIS starter kit and main scientific results’; Pr Congduc Pham (UPPA, France)

10:00 – 10:45 ‘Feedback and results from smallholder farmers of the pilot programme’; Dr T. Benabdelouahab (INRA RABAT, Morocco) and Dr A. El Aissaoui (INRA, CRRA Settat, Morocco)

10:45 – 11:15 ‘Feasibility of subsurface drip in semi-arid climates in Morocco: the MED-WET project and results of the tests carried out in Tadla in refadio perimeters and Azilal mountains’; Dr B. Bouazzama (INRA, CRRA Settat, Morocco). Bouazzama (INRA, CRRA Tadla-Beni Mellal, Marreouks)

11:15 – 11:45 Coffee break

11:45-12:15 ‘Towards nature-based solutions: The PRIMA NATMed project’ Dr. R.Marijuan (CARTIF, Spain)

12:15-12:45 ‘Nature-based solutions: good practices and lessons learned from climate change adaptation in rural and urban areas: URBAN GreenUP and CIRAWA projects’; Dr. R. Sanchez (CARTIF, Spain)

12:45-13:30 Discussion

13:30 14:45 Poster session and networking with other PRIMA projects

14:45 – 15:00 Recommendations and closing of the event

Organised by: INTEL-IRRIS

More information: INTEL-IRRIS final event


May 22 2024