[NATmed y CIRAWA] Closed cycles and Circular Society 2023

The power of ecological engineering

The international conference “Closed Circles and the Circular Society 2023: The Power of Ecological Engineering” will be held in Platanias- Chania on the island of Crete, Greece from 1 to 5 October. This conference marks the 30th anniversary since the IEES was founded in 1993. Within this framework, our aim is to convey and spread the message of redefining the discipline of ecological engineering and to communicate the IEES vision of ecologically inspired circular engineering, as stated in our Ecological Engineering Manifesto. A broad spectrum of conference themes has been formed that indicate this modern holistic approach to Ecological Engineering.

The general conference themes are:
i) Using Ecological Elements and Ecosystems to Reduce Pollution
ii) Using Ecosystems in a Circular Society
iii) Circular Design and Integrated Planning Approaches to Increase Resilience
(iv) Resource recovery and reuse
(v) Climate change, green and just transition, and carbon neutrality: the role of green engineers
vi) Regenerative Agriculture
vii) Green Engineering and the Mining Industry
viii) Green Engineering Education

The conference will bring together oral presentations and poster sessions. The poster sessions will feature our colleagues Raquel Marijuan and Silvia Gómez, from the Agri-Food and Processes division, who will present the NATmed and CIRAWA project.



Organize: Technical university of crete and Laboratory of environmental engineering and management


Oct 01 - 05 2023