[NUTRI2CYCLE] 2º webinar Demonstrating nutrient and carbon recycling in EU agriculture in practice

Webinars “Nutri2Cycle Lighthouse Network”

With the aim to put theory in action, the Nutri2Cycle consortium is organizing a series of webinars, which are intended to present the lighthouse prototypes of nutrient management approaches and innovation. The lighthouse demos will demonstrate the research outcomes at relevant pilot, field, farm scale in order to assess the technical feasibility of the proposed solutions and favor their transferability across the EU regions.

This second webinar will provide a comprehensive overview on the achievements regarding biobased fertilisers and soil enhancers from agro-residues in various lighthouse demo solutions.


• Field trial on maize (2019), spinach (2020) and potatoes (2021) with recycling-derived fertilizers: ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, (liquid fraction of) digestate, pig urine and pig slurry, Tomas Van de Sande, Inagro

• The substitution of the mineral fertilizers with the biological fertilizers to optimize the organic carbon storage in soil and the NP cycling : two application cases in France, Jean-Philippe Bernard, CA17 – Chamber of agriculture of Charente-Maritime

• Ammonia recovery from raw pig slurry in a vacuum evaporation field plant, Miriam Cerrillo, IRTA

• ABC Animal Bone Char for Phosphorus recovery: Formulated Bio-Phosphate trials for two comparative plants, elder and wheat, Edward Someus, 3R-BioPhosphate Ltd

• Pig manure refinery into mineral fertilizers by using a combination of techniques applicable at industrial pig farms, Axel Herrera, UMIL



Apr 22 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am