[NUTRI2CYCLE] 3º webinar Demonstrating nutrient and carbon recycling in EU agriculture in practice

Webinar “Nutri2Cycle Lighthouse Network”

With the aim to put theory in action, the Nutri2Cycle consortium is organizing a series of webinars, which are intended to present the lighthouse prototypes of nutrient management approaches and innovation. The lighthouse demos will demonstrate the research outcomes at relevant pilot, field, farm scale in order to assess the technical feasibility of the proposed solutions and favor their transferability across the EU regions.

On this final webinar lighthouse demo solutions on innovative soil, fertilisation and crop management systems, practices for enhanced N,P efficiency and increased soil organic C content as well as tools, techniques and systems for higher-precision fertilization, will be presented.


• Using digestate, precision agriculture and no-tillage focusing on OM stocking in an area characterized by the lack of it, Massimo Zilio, UMIL

• Use of poultry compost and pig slurry to replace mineral fertilizers as basal fertilization in maize crop, Paula Alvarenga, ISA

• Comparison of different precision technologies used in plant cropping system, having in focus the sensor technologies, Zoltán Hajdu, SOLTUB

• Trial potato growing with refined pig manure fractions, Chantal Hendriks, Wageningen



Apr 28 2022


10:00 am - 11:15 am