[NUTRI2CYCLE] Demonstrating nutrient and carbon recycling in EU agriculture in practice

Webinars “Nutri2Cycle Lighthouse Network”

With the aim to put theory in action, the Nutri2Cycle consortium is organizing a series of webinars, which are intended to present the lighthouse prototypes of nutrient management approaches and innovation. The lighthouse demos will demonstrate the research outcomes at relevant pilot, field, farm scale in order to assess the technical feasibility of the proposed solutions and favor their transferability across the EU regions.

The first day of the webonar will focus on two aspects:

1. Innovative management systems, tools and practices for optimized nutrient and GHG management in animal husbandry

2. Novel animal feeds produced from agro-residues.


• Farm-scale anaerobic digestion of agro-residues/pig manure to increase local nutrient cycling & improve nutrient use efficiency, Sander Vandendriessche, Inagro

• Adapted stable construction for separated collection of solid manure and urine in pig housing (followed by separate post-processing), Erik Meers, Ghent University, Geert Vermeulen, Vermeulen Construct

• Crop farmer using a variety of manure and dairy processing residues to recycle and build soil C, N, P fertility, Patrick Forrestal, Teagasc

• Floating wetland plants grown on liquid agro-residues as a new source of proteins, Reindert Devlamynck, Inagro

• Algae grown on liquid agro-residues as a new source of proteins, Marcella Fernandez de Souza, Ghent University


Apr 19 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am