[RewardHeat] Conference: Decarbonise Heat

Low-Temperature DHC as a Key Solution for Decarbonising the Heating and Cooling Sector 

The REWARDHeat project is organising a 3-day event in Helsingborg, Sweden. The main conference takes place on Thursday, 16th June with a morning session on “Samrt DHC Networks” that will explore the technology combinations that are likely to supply heat demands in the future, with best practice examples from the Nordics. The afternoon session will focus on the “REWARDHeat DHC Investor Perspectives”. The project seeks to turn low-temperature DHC networks into a new asset class, making modern district energy solutions a profitable investment opportunity, while contributing to the achievement of EU climate targets. International examples will be compared with the Swedish case, where the DHC market is highly competitive.



Organize: RewardHeat

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Jun 15 - 17 2022