[s-X-AIPI] ALCHIMIA Webinar: Industry 5.0

AI´s Role in Shaping the Future of Metallurgical Processes

A webinar organised by the ALCHIMIA project under the name “Industry 5.0: The role of AI in shaping the future of metallurgical processes” will take place on 13 February. Our colleague Daniel Gómez, from the Industrial and Digital Systems division of CARTIF, will present the s-X-AIPI project that aims to develop, test and experiment a set of innovative tools for autonomous, reliable and personalised Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Webinar agenda

10:00 Welcome and introduction; Anna Brékine. Project Manager, Mandat International

10:10 Alchimia – Digitalisation of the metal industry; Carmen Perea Escribano. Team Leader, Data and Intelligent Software Unit, BDS R&D Spain

10:20 The economic prospects for the growth of digital technologies in the Twin transition of the European steel industry; Costanzo Pietrosanti. Industry 4.0 Consultant, Danieli Automation

10:30 GRINNER – Improving waste management through a pile detection system using data from X-ray detectors and pick and place robots; Henry Mwai. R&D Manager, LYNQ

10:40 Artificial Intelligence Self-X applied to the process industry – Steel and aluminium; Daniel Gómez Martín. Researcher at CARTIF

10:50 PURESCRAP: sensors for better scrap management; Jonas Petersson. Research leader, SWERIM AB

11:00 AIDEAS – Acquisition and sharing of data from multiple sources in industry through machine passporting; Grigorios Tzionis. Research Associate, CERTH

11:10 Q&A

Free registration

Organise: ALCHIMIA project


Feb 13 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am