Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference

Sonderborg is known as the city Zero Carbon, and also the first city in Denmark to join the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, Sonderborg is a global ambassador for sustainable impact.

This climate neutrality conference in Sonderborg discusses within the Triple Helix of academia, industry and society newest developments in technological solutions for solving climate issues, giving special focus to cities as frontrunners for a more sustainable planet and future.

Conference Agenda (Detail Agenda)

Day 1

8:45 Online Tune in 

9:00 Plenary Talks

12:00 Break 

13:00 Sessions

1)Track A                                                                                               2)Track B

13:00 Photovoltaics of the next decade                                                  13:00 Smart Energy Cities as frontrunners

           14:00 Smart green materials                                                                  15:45 Break

15:00 Break                                                                                             16:00 City Networks. Energy and Climate Transition

15:15 Innovative solutions for energy efficiency and storage

Day 2 

8:45 Online Tune In

9:00 Sessions

 >Track A – Beyond mitigation and adaptation: Climate Engineering

 >Track B – Supporting the climate initiatives by improving green innovation

10:30 Smart Green transport solution

12:00 Break 

12:30 Panel debate 

13:50 Conclusion and outlook 2022

14:00 Seeing is believing tour – Sonderborg and around

17:00 Summary and he future agenda



Organize: SmartEnCity

More Information: Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference 2021


Sep 28 - 29 2021