Systemic Innovation Areas RURITAGE Webinar: “Cultural and Natural Heritage as a driver for Resilience in rural areas”

One of the most emblematic projects of CARTIF in the area of Cultural and Natural Heritage is RURITAGE, an initiative that promotes rural regeneration through heritage. RURITAGE is launching a series of public webinars on the project’s systemic innovation areas. The first of them is on the resilience that heritage brings to these rural areas and will take place on October 9 at 1:30 p.m. (CET).

The concept of ‘resilience’ refers to the human ability of coping with and recover from external shocks and stresses, thus re-establishing normal life in a certain amount of time. Climate change and disasters, economic and financial crisis and social threats are current risks affecting rural communities. By enhancing the role of cultural and natural heritage, local communities can be more resilient. Simultaneously, this enables risk-informed economic development, ensures job creation and better access to health and education.

During the webinar, several RURITAGE partners will share their experience in building more resilient communities. Experts from UNESCO’s Section on Earth Sciences and Geo-Hazards Risk Reduction will introduce the Resilience holistic concept with focus on rural areas. Partners from RURITAGE Resilience Role Models – Katla (Iceland) and Psiloritis (Greece) UNESCO Global Geoparks – will share their good practices on risk education and awareness. Representatives from the Italian community of Appignano del Tronto, a RURITAGE Resilience Replicator, will provide insights on how they capitalize from RURITAGE methodologies to reinforce their own territory based on their natural and cultural heritage.

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Oct 09 2020


1:30 pm