Webinar Next Gen Tech Cities: Data Science, Machine Learning & Blockchain

Technological Solutions for Renewable Energy. Data Science, Machine Learning & Blockchain.

Renewable Energies are a fundamental pillar of Smart Cities: they do not cause polluting emissions, they guarantee greater energy efficiency and contribute to a higher quality of life for citizens.

One factor that is giving wings to these clean energies is the possibility of predicting their production or conumption, making it possible to improve their efficiency, reduce costs or anticipate their maintenance.

In this context, Data Science, Machine Learning or Blockchain play a leading role. In this webinar its potential will be explored by our colleague Sergio Saludes Rodil, director of the Smart Grid area in CARTIF´s Energy Division.


Organize: Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

More information: Zigurat Global Institute of Technology


Apr 06 2021


6:00 pm