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Food Authenticity and Traceability


Food fraud generates huge losses for companies in the agri-food sector every year, reduces their business volume and deteriorates their corporate image. The deliberate and intentional act of substituting, altering or misrepresenting foodstuff in this sector has been detected indistinctly on natural and/or processed food products of higher value in the market, such as meat products (cured ham, suckling lamb,…), oil (specifically olive oil), wine, cheese, among others, in which sometimes there is no objective methodology that verifies its quality and origin and implies feed-related public health risks.

CARTIF offers technological-scientific support to companies in order to implement measures and tools aimed at demonstrating the authenticity of food and/or ingredients used in its preparation.

Our service

  • We develop and implement innovative analytical solutions based on liquid chromatography (HPLC) or Gas chromatography (GC) technologies coupled with mass spectometry (MS) and/or ion mobility spectometry (IMS).
  • We fingerprint raw materials and/or finished food products to prove their authenticity. 
  • We detect and identify adulteration and false or misleading labelling. 
  • We detect characteristic or indicative biomarkers of the existence of adulteration.

Our value

CARTIF has highly qualified interdisciplinary team with extensive experience in the use of innovative analytical technologies and count with the development of potential applications in the agri-food sector.

CARTIF can provide an effective tool for the food industry to prevent food fraud, based on quality control of raw materials. 

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