HBIM tools development


We cover the challenge of multidisciplinary work and updating content over time through collaborative platforms via the Internet to enable Heritage to comply with Directive 2014/24/UE, which imposes the “BIM level 2” for the hiring of public projects.

Our service:

  • Simultaneous integration of 2D and 3D information compatible with BIM
  • HBIM semi-automatic parametric modeling.


Our value:

  • Automatic extraction of the characteristics and elements that define a historical site. In addition, all kinds of measurements (distances, angles, areas and volumes), sections and orthophotos can be obtained from the digital model, avoiding new fieldworks and being able to carry out detailed calculations or studies conveniently in the office.
  • Multilingual semantic characterization of elements, their compendium with graphic information, while guaranteeing their interoperability, are tasks that are highly demanded and pending resolution.
  • Creation of specific IT tools that complement those of the most common BIM environments, providing added value and competitive advantages for the project you are facing.

Projects of reference:

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