Implementation of NIRS technology in product quality control


NIRS (Near-infrared spectroscopy) technology is the most versatile and widely applied spectroscopic analytical technique in the industrial sector for the continuous and individual (quantitative and/or qualitative) control of the production and the quality of products in online/offline mode.
Once properly calibrated, a NIRS kit allows to analyze several parameters simultaneously in less than a minute, without sample preparation or reagents.

Our service:

  • We carry out an integral service of implantation of the NIR team in the company, including calibration and validation “in situ”, for the quality control of its products.
  • We offer NIR calibrations of products in a wide spectrum of sectors: agri-food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, environmental and bioenergetic

Our value:

  • CARTIF carries out the corresponding analytical laboratory tests, necessary to carry out the calibration, depending on the parameters to be controlled.
  • CARTIF supports the company in updating and maintaining the calibration..

Projects of reference:

  • Technological services to companies.

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