Implementation of CityGML for buildings and districts


Realization of CityGML models for new and existing buildings and districts from 2D or 3D planimetric information for planning services, information management, etc.


Our service:

  • We model virtual buildings and districts in 3D using the standard CityGML.
  • At building scale and depending on the desired level of detail, we can also model the information indoors, including the main indoor and outdoor equipment defined in the standard.
  • In order to facilitate the information interchange between different software, we use the format GML (Geography Markup Language).


Our value:

  • Experience obtained working in several projects that integrated CityGML as their main feature.


Projects of reference:

  • OptEEmAL (generation of CityGML & BIM models inside R&D projects as basis for other activities of research or demonstration).
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